Yoga Foam Roller 15x90 cm EPE

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Yoga and Pilates will definitely be a finer workout with the extra support of our multi-purpose foam roller! This foam roller is ideal for loosening tight/stiff muscles, increasing flexibility, improving posture and core stability, as well as reducing spinal pain. Made of soft and hardwearing EPE foam, the yoga mat ensures an even distribution of the forces on your back, shoulder or neck. Lightweight and compact, the yoga foam roller is convenient to use at home, take with you to the gym or even at work. Get rid of muscle pain during exercise and fatigue after a long working day with this yoga foam roller!

Yoga Foam Roller 15x90 cm EPE

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  • Material: EPE foam (Expanded polyethylene foam)
  • Dimensions: 15 x 90 cm (Diameter x L)

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