Daewoo 16" Pedestal Fan Black

  • PORTABLE PEDESTAL FLOOR FAN: Ideal for cooling down your home / office, this 16-Inch pedestal fan directs airflow around the room and towards your workstation
  • STEADY BASE: Featuring a sturdy 600mm cross base this fan is portable, but will stay steady wherever you decide to place it
  • 3 SPEED SETTINGS: Switch between 3 different airflow speeds featured on this 16-Inch pedestal fan. Perfect for the changing seasons and temperatures
  • 3 BLADES: The three blades in this 16-Inch pedestal fan deliver a consistent current of air travelling through the fan and towards your workspace
  • MESH GRILLE: Designed with airflow in mind, the mesh grille that surrounds this fan is ideal for circulating the most cool air possible to keep you at an optimum temperature

Daewoo 16" Pedestal Fan Black

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